ADVERTISING  | I directed and produced a video for the new bathroom collection of Noken (Porcelanosa Group). The video shows their new collection, VITAE. This collection was designed by the architect Zaha Hadid and it was probably one of her latest designs before she passed away on March this year. I liaised directly with the client and I was in charge of making the concept, design, 3D, edits and Motion graphics.

[Commissioned by Porcelanosa]



Direction / Production / Concept / Creative Direction / 3D / Comping / Edit: JM Blay
Fluids Simulations: Filiberto Chiarinelli
Research assistant: Agus Ricos
Music: Ed Richwood


The video shows the main elements of the collection, which use as reference the element of water to embody fluid sensual shapes. Hence the idea to show how these objects are created, carved carefully by water, in an intimate, elegant and peaceful atmosphere.

To enhance that intimate and personal touch, we were going to record the voice of Zaha Hadid to use in the video as voiceover, so she would have been talking about the inspiration and the design whilst the pieces are being created. But first because she was a very busy woman and then because we tragically lost her, the project couldn’t be finished as it was intended. It is anyway a beautiful piece and a very special project to me.

The making of the video was quite intimate too, as we were only 2 people in the team. Filiberto Chiarinelli, helping with the fluid simulations, and myself. Although, during the project I also had the assistance of Agustín Ricos, who helped recording an interview to Christos Passas, Associate Director of Zaha Hadid Architects; and Ricard Granhero, who created the original music for the video.

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