JM Blay is a creative director and director, founder of the creative studio and production company Blay Studio.

With over 20 years of experience working in the creative industry, he has worked for films, television, and advertising; as well as for music videos, digital products, and video games. During his career he has collaborated with studios like The Mill, MPC, Prologue Films, Perception, Nexus, ETC, Momoco, Spov, or Territory and for agencies like Red Bee, Huge, Imagination, or Critical Mass.

Developing projects for Marvel, BBC, Netflix, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Lenovo, Adidas, Reebok, Adobe, Citi Bank, AXE, MTV, Tempur, Spike, Doritos, Bombay Sapphire, Argos, Qualcomm, Fiat, or Activision among others.

During his career JM has worked for films like The Hobbit or Guardians Of The Galaxy, for video games like Call Of Duty, for music videos for artists like Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga or Lilly Allen, for architects like Zaha Hadid or Richard Rogers, and for televisions like Spike or BBC.

His work has been featured in magazines like Motionographer, Stash, 3D World, or 3D Artist and by Software companies like Maxon, Insydium, Red Giant or Adobe. He’s given conferences in festivals like the FMX (Stuttgart, Germany), VFX Festival (London, UK), Vertex (London, UK), Adobe Summit for Education (London, UK), Digitall (Valencia, Spain) or Adobe Generation Pro (London, UK) / Sydney, Australia / Chicago, USA).

JM has a degree in Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication, and a Ph.D. in design in the field of motion graphics. He has lectured in places such as Ravensbourne College of London (UK), University Of York (UK), Greenwich University (UK), Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (Netherlands), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) or Escape Studios – Pearson College (UK) where he was the founder of the motion graphics department and lectured in 9 courses, tutoring more than 100 students.

JM is based in Valencia, Spain and works worldwide for advertising and marketing agencies, and film studios, producing projects from start to delivery or helping on any part of the process.


FMX 2021 (STUTTGART - Online) Creating Motion Design solo projects
VERTEX CONFERENCE 2021 (LONDON - Online) Art of Motion Graphics
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ADOBE GENERATION PRO (LONDON, SYDNEY, CHICAGO - Online) JM Blay (Regular expert speaker)
EASD (CASTELLON) Directing Motion Graphics
VFX FESTIVAL 2017 (LONDON) Breakdown of the Breakdown
VFX FESTIVAL 2016 (LONDON) Motion Graphics Ways
UNIVERSITY OF YORK (YORK) Motion Graphics Masterclass
DIGITALL (VALENCIA) Motion Graphics, an unexpected journey
RAVENSBOURNE COLLEGE (LONDON) Motion Graphics Masterclass
SCRAMBLED 8 (LONDON) Motion Design
POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (VALENCIA) Motion Graphics and Postproduction


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